Translation Process

What happens when you send us a document for translation?

  1. When you request a quote, we will send you shortly the Translation Estimate. The estimate will provide you with delivery times and a link for payment.
  2. You confirm your order of translation for your document(s) by making the payment.
  3. Our translations are performed by specialized and professional translators and proofread by experienced, certified translators.
  4. When your Translation has been completed, you will receive a scanned copy by e-mail.

  • You may receive a hard copy of a certified translation by providing us with a mailing address.
  • All our Translations bear a Certificate of Translation as required by USCIS. 


When you request a quote, please send us this information:


  • The scanned document(s) you need to translate.
  • The place where you will submit the translation.
  • Do you need a notarized certificate of translation?
  • Postal address if you need a hard copy of the translation.

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