Certified Translation Services

  • ATA Certified Translator
  • 100% acceptance
  • Includes a Certificate of Translation
  • Apostille for Translations available
  • Frequently requested translations:
  • Birth Certificates
  • Passports
  • Marriage and Divorce Certificates
  • Driver's License
  • FBI Background Check
  • Death Certificates

Government agencies, consulates, courts, and colleges require certified translations of foreign documents.


This means that the Certified Spanish translation of your birth certificate, FBI background check, affidavit, or transcript needs to be accompanied by a “Certificate of Translation.”

The Certificate of Translation will include the contact information of the Certified Translator, and an affidavit signed by the professional translator endorsing the accuracy of their work.

The Certificate provided by Spanish Docs Translations also includes the seal of the ATA Certified Translator, so anyone receiving the official document translation may verify the professional credentials of the Translator.

Our certified document translations respect the style and layout of the original document. This helps the official reading the document identify how each item in the translation corresponds to an item in the original and easily find all relevant information.

Why hire Spanish Docs Translations?

Our certified language translation services have achieved a 100% acceptance rate.


We specialize in USCIS-certified translation services to be presented at USCIS for immigration proceedings.


We have over 20 years of experience providing professional Spanish Document Translation services for immigration, college, visas, medical, traveling, and business purposes.

Certified Spanish Translators accredited by the American Translators Association.  

Behind the scenes:

When you order a translation, we will assess its cost and estimate how long it takes us to complete. Once you place the order, the work is assigned to a professional translator and reviewed and signed by a Certified Translator.



If your document is 1 to 5 pages long, you will receive a certified copy of your translation within 2 business days.



Sometimes a government agency or institution may require translations to be notarized. Let us know in advance and we will provide you with a Certified and Notarized Translation.

Types of documents we translate:


  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Passports
  • Driver’s licenses
  • FBI Background Checks
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Death Certificates
What kind of official documents do we translate?


  • USCIS Certified Translation: A USCIS certified translation indicates that a translation is correct and has been translated by a translator accredited by the American Translator’s Association. It comes with a certificate signed by the translator.
  • Birth Certificates: a birth certificate is an official document and vital record issued by a state or national government that records the birth of a child. It establishes the identity of the parents.
  • Marriage Certificate: A marriage certificate is a certified vital record that proves the specific time and location of your wedding. It proves that you are legally married to your spouse.
  • Passports: A passport is an official travel document issued by a government to its citizens that provides proof of someone’s identity and nationality. It is usually necessary for exit from and reentry into the country.
  • Driver’s licenses: A driver’s license is a license issued by a government that allows the holder to operate a motor vehicle. It identifies you as a licensed driver. It serves as your personal I.D.
  • FBI Background Checks: An FBI background check is a report that includes a summary of a person’s criminal history.
  • Divorce Decree: A divorce decree is a final judgment from the divorce court. It is a formal document issued by the court that details the terms of your divorce.


  • Death Certificates: A death certificate is an official recording of the cause, date, and place of death. It is signed by a physician.



For a complete list of types of documents we translate, please click here.

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